Deep House - Bass Station II Presets

93 presets for the Novation Bass Station II analogue synthesizer


Deep House – Bass Station II Presets is a collection of 93 presets exclusively made for the Novation Bass Station II hardware synthesizer. The sounds are inspired by some of the greatest deep house producers like Huxley, Ethyl, Flashmob, Julio Bashmore, Duke Dumont and Adana Twins.

The Deep House – Bass Station II Presets collection features a host of drums, basses, keys, leads, pads, synths and SFX, all ready to use in your house music productions. Expect to find classic kicks, snares, claps, hihats, basses, 5th chords, percussion organs, smooth pads, lead synths, sequences and sound effects. The included sounds are all you need to build the foundation for your next house track with the great Bass Station II analogue synthesizer. With each preset you will easily dial in new sounds on the Bass Station II with the filter’s frequency and resonance knobs.

Please listen to the demo tracks below. All tracks are recorded in Ableton Live, with Live’s build in compression, reverb and delay effects. All sounds are included in the presets collection, including drums and percussion.

NOTE: all presets are exclusively for the Novation Bass Station II hardware synthesizer. You need to install the Bass Station II Artist Producer Soundpack (including Bass Station II Librarian software) on your computer. The installation will update the Bass Station II Firmware to version 540 and install the BS II Librarian software on your computer. The BS II Librarian software uploads the presets collection from your computer to the Bass Station II synthesizer. With the Librarian software you can also backup your Bass Station II presets to your pc or Mac. Please note that the Mac version of the Librarian is supported for use on OS 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10.


  • Novation Bass Station II, firmware version 540
  • 11 Bass presets
  • 22 Drum/Percussion presets
  • 13 Keys presets
  • 27 Lead presets
  • 5 Synth presets
  • 9 Pad presets
  • 2 Sequence presets
  • 4 SFX presets

What our customers say

You’ve done a great job on these patches – they sound great, just what I’ve been after. They will help me learn how to program my own, using these as a starting point. Good job, thanks!


Ed Lewis

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